Lives that have been touched by CIS…


“This program is exactly what the community needs. It’s full of positive influence and helping hands. I would be lost without CIS and my daughter would be too.”- CIS Parent

“CIS has helped my daughter a great deal. Her grades have improved as well as her attitude about school. I am truly thankful for the Project Director’s hard work and dedication to assist in helping students succeed”.- CIS Parent

“CIS has brought out my sons personality and self-esteem so much. He has made a 360 degree change and I am so very proud of him. He takes an interest in everything he does. Thank you so much, you have changed his and my life forever!” – CIS Parent

“CIS is a critical asset to the school, as it helps students stay positive; the Project Director’s involvement with the students on a daily basis also helps teachers to concentrate on teaching.” – CIS Parent


“CIS is important because it helps people like me with anger issues and bad grades. If it wasn’t for CIS, I would have ISS plenty of times this year.” – CIS Student

“CIS has helped me think of my future because I want to grow up and be a role model for my sister, my CIS project director has helped me realize this because she has been a role model for me…She’s probably only one of the people I know I can count on for anything going on in my life because she always there. She’s one of the people I look up to like a role model.” – CIS Student

“CIS are the only people that have sat down with me and helped me come up with my college and career goals.” – CIS Student

“You can ALWAYS talk to her (CIS Project Director), and she will ALWAYS believe you, and ALWAYS listen to what you have to say, and ALWAYS have time for you.” – CIS Student

“When I am in CIS I’m calmer and more open than I am anywhere else. They’ve taught me a lot considering I’m usually an angry person. They’ve showed me how much better of a person I am when I am happy.” – CIS Student

Professional Educators:

“There is no way that I could have met the academic and emotional needs of the 10-12 students that have benefitted. The small group pull outs were very helpful for academic support. It would be hard to survive without the excellent CIS support for my students.” –Faculty Member, Freiheit Elementary

“CIS provides an extra environment where at-risk students can enjoy relationships with mentors that isn’t attached to grades or learning. If it isn’t for CIS, an at-risk student’s only relationship with school might be solely based on performance and not on their value as an individual. Emotional health precedes academic performance and CIS provides that for those who are missing it at home.” – Faculty Member, Carl Schurz Elementary

“I personally could not imagine our campus without CIS…Many of our students are only successful because of CIS…I feel that if we did not have CIS we would have a higher dropout rate as a school district.” – Faculty Member, Oak Run Middle School

“CIS provides access to support and resources that are often not available to students elsewhere, including financial, academic, and emotional support. These students would have little to no support structure without the services CIS provides.” –Faculty Member, New Braunfels High School

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